Le Josh Shares Indietronica Single ‘3alli Sawtak’ Ft. Ghaliaa

The artists join forces for a dance-led track, inspiring to be true to your voice.

DJ Le Josh and multi-instrumentalist Ghaliaa team up for the single “3alli Sawtak” for an invigorating wash of indietronica inviting all to “raise your voice.”

Le Josh has been a vital taste maker and orchestrator to the Lebanese music scene since the early 2000s, winning DJ competitions, becoming the Assistant Head of Music at Radio One, and becoming an integral part of the pop and dance station, Club Invasion Radio Show, which has now moved to NRJ Lebanon.

Upon each release, there is an understanding that Le Josh will produce a fresh and techno soundscape, and once again did not disappoint on his collaboration with Syrian-born artist, Ghaliaa.

The two artists utilize their voices in different ways, fitting to the track’s messaging, for a freeing delivery between production and vocals. Ghaliaa switches effortlessly between Arabic and English and motivates listeners that this is their time to bloom.

“3alli Sawtak” builds and shimmers, thanks to an addictive hook and tropical groove, and opens with warm-toned strings that mislead the track’s direction — but in the best way. Paired with a chant that will soon be impossible to remove from your mind and Ghaliaa’s raspy and pristine vocals, the track becomes an “in the moment” departure and hopeful sentiment.

Connect with the artists:

Le Josh: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

Ghaliaa: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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