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Cosmic Kitten Share Vehement Single ‘All The World’ Ahead of Forthcoming LP ‘Laugh of a Lifetime’ Due May 5

The psych-rock trio returns with their second single and prepare for a UK and US tour in anticipation for their forthcoming album. Photo: Don Mozzochi

Long Beach’s Cosmic Kitten share their newest surge of frustration, “All The World,” ahead of the release of their self-released album, Laugh of a Lifetime due May 5, 2023. Following the album’s lead single, “Some Fascination,” the second single displays a more spirited production wrapped in the liberation of rage that the psych-rock trio deliver so well.

Paired with a visual directed by Scott Stuckey, we see the band moving past their dysphoric emotions and expel themselves in a light they love — making music. Closed rooms and make-shift instruments continue the questionable frame of mind that comes from a state of confinement, pulling experiences from the 2020 lockdown. The video’s simplistic approach grants access to the lyric’s narrative and the pain of being “trapped,” raising continued conversation around mental health in solitariness.

“‘All the World’ is about our 2020 lockdown experience and the feelings of isolation it gave us and so many others,” shares Cosmic Kitten. “The song speaks of being trapped inside while making bigger plans to expand your world and seek your dreams at a time that is most shut down. We also expressed in the song the hardships of insecurity and self doubt bred by the extended moments of inactivity.”

The track itself is a bubbling beast of opposition, rage, and at moments, denial. Karen Marie, Zach Huckabee, and Jay Vesper build a 3-minute alternative-grunge soundscape to bask in the scene painted by the lyrics. Marie’s signature screams move the storm to a passionate place, reclaiming a dwindling fire that isolation almost took. While the track emerges calmly to the indifferent arrangement by the likes of ’90s Alt, the driving power and juxtaposition between these two elements fit the track perfectly and present the different stages of grievances. There’s moments on the track to appreciate the grooves, tempo-changes, and DIY punk ethos that is Cosmic Kitten.

Cosmic Kitten is preparing for both a UK and US tour in anticipation of the release of Laugh of a Lifetime. Full list of dates below. Tickets can be purchased HERE. Stream “All the World” on your favorite platform.

Tour Dates:


4/26/23 – London, UK @ The Gunners Pub

4/27/23 – Shrewsbury, UK @ Albert’s Shed

4/28/23 – Stockport, UK @ The Spinning Top

4/29/23 – Brighton, UK @ The Pipeline

4/30/23 – Harrogate, UK @ The Den


5/03/23 – Los Angeles, CA @ Redwood Bar

5/04/23 – Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman

5/05/23 – Portland, OR @ The Fixin’ To (pre-show, in-store performance @ Music Millennium)

5/06/23 – Olympia, WA @ Cryptatropa

5/07/23 – Seattle, WA @ Belltown Yacht Club

5/08/23 – Boise, ID @ The Shredder

5/09/23 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Aces High Saloon

5/10/23 – Tucson, AZ @ TBA

5/11/23 – Phoenix, AZ @ TBA

5/12/23 – San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe

5/13/23 – Riverside, CA @ TBA

5/14/23 – Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar

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Cover photo: Photo: Don Mozzochi

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