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Bri Oglu Liberates Self on Cinematic-Pop Visual, ‘Enough’

Los Angeles artist shares the visual for "Enough" taken off her 2022 EP, 'Somewhere Else.'

Bri Oglu’s “Enough,” taken off her 2022 EP Somewhere Else, always moved with meaning depending on where the light hit.

At its core, there’s an anguish of defeat within heartbreak of a toxic relationship that is felt immensely through the track’s cinematic production and delivery. There’s a yearning for peace carried by Oglu. There’s a bittersweet clutch at the heart at the thought of memories. And there’s moments where the words “you are enough” are not only last words to send off to a struggling past lover, but a reminder for yourself; a point to also accept where enough has exhausted its capacity.

On the video, the Los Angeles artist shares vulnerability and a reality after acceptance that embodies all the facets of the track. It beautifully captures the love that can still be felt and sent out to a relationship, even though it ended, honoring the time.

“I wanted the video to depict the highs and lows of dating someone unwell,” she explains, “juxtaposed by the light and sense of self that surfaces when you move on.”

Directed by Jacquie DiTroia, shot by Alex Velasco and starring Oglu alongside producer Will Snyder, the visual companion puts all memories at the forefront — not just what seems easier to hold onto when moving on. We experience Oglu’s love, isolation, and struggle with this harmful relationship. Its an intimate delivery that marries Oglu’s serene vocals and restless mind, which ultimately liberates the artist in the firm decision to care for herself.

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Cover photo: Emmanuelle Yang

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