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Kelsey Montanez ‘I Sold My Soul’

Chicago-based artist wrestles with staying true to yourself on alternative-pop track.

Chicago-based artist Kelsey Montanez shares her latest single “I Sold My Soul” and challenges listeners and herself to hold on to your identity at all costs. Originally written in the days of MySpace, Montanez revives the track in a new light with a passionate display and timeless message.

Leading with a doo-wop rhythm, “I Sold My Soul” quickly takes a punchy, alternative-pop direction. Montanez’s vocal range and warm zeal commands attention and carries the entirety of the production. There are great moments of guitar play, contemporary pop breaks, and delicious pedal disarray, but the artist’s inflection and control cascades with power across each verse.

“I wrote ‘I Sold My Soul’ in high school, and though I’ve written probably thousands of songs since, this particular song has always stayed with me through all the twists and turns of life, and I felt like I had to bring it with me into 2023 and beyond,” shares Montanez on an Instagram post.

“There were plenty of songs I wrote throughout the years that meant a lot to me for a season but then I eventually outgrew them. But for some reason I never felt like I outgrew ‘I Sold My Soul.’ I think it’s because the concept is still a feeling I wrestle with regularly.”

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