Fih Closes Chapters on Glossy R&B Track ‘Aye Yai Yai’ Ahead of EP ‘La Brea Baby’

Fih fuses hip-hop, R&B, tropics, and bars on her latest single about old heartache.

Los Angeles’ Fih is a myriad of sounds ranging from the smooth production of hip-hop, the contemporary vocals of R&B to the quick wit of a seasoned rapper. On “Aye Yai Yai,” taken off her upcoming album La Brea Baby, due out March 3, 2023, Fih revisits memory lane and the awareness that came from her first heart ache.

Nylon guitar strings are warmly plucked as the artist moves between bars to fuller harmonious pieces. Delivered with the artist’s bi-coastal influence, its simplicity is designed for a listener to appreciate the ambience and absorb those bittersweet moments. The production mixes undertones of tropic rhythms to the drama of classical strings. “Aye Yai Yai” and its grooves are infectious regardless of the topic and is a lovely expression to close a chapter.

Fih’s forthcoming album was produced by Grammy award winning Chailatay and Nate Fox. This project was created entirely by scratch which required Fih and Chailatay to bring in many live musicians. Some consistent names seen throughout the project are Stephan Hicks, Nigel Fergozo, and Brooke Magidson.

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