Cat Clyde Shares Empathic Single and Video ‘I Feel It’ Ahead of Upcoming LP ‘Down Rounder’

The piano-led track sees the artist share details of being an empath and is taken off the upcoming LP due February 17, 2023.

Sharing the illumination and pain of an empath, Cat Clyde’s latest track leads a listener down a slow and compassionate waltz. “I Feel It” follows “Mystic Light” and is accompanied by a video which garners much anticipation for the artist’s upcoming album Down Rounder due February 17, 2023 via Second Prize Records.

The piano-led track shares Clyde’s over stimulation that is large enough to run away from to the moods of the moon and all she has to carry. The stillness on the track is lacquered with control and appreciation to the gift that thrills and can “kill” when the emotional absorption is over the limit. The very softness and lustrous strings that peak in and out ground Clyde’s words and emotive tone, exhibiting the eventual balance of it all.

Paired with this stripped down performance that not only shows Clyde playing the piano (which is the first time on a recording), but the ebb and flow of nature that the artist is tracking: “And if I ever lose my kindness I can always find it next to an old tree.”

“This song expresses the highs and lows of feeling things deeply, and how much the natural world is a source of grounding for me,” shares the artist. “It began as just my vocal and piano demo, and throughout the recording process it shape-shifted into something much bigger while still utilizing the original demo take. I love both versions equally, and am glad this song made it on the record.”

Down Rounder tracklisting:

  1. Everywhere I Go
  2. Papa Took My Totems
  3. Not Going Back
  4. The Gloom
  5. Mystic Light
  6. Real Love
  7. I Feel It
  8. Eternity
  9. Hawk In The Tree
  10. Send You Love

Cover photo: Strummer Jasson

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