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Frankie Rose Announces New Album in Six Years and Shares Lead Single ‘Anything’

Frankie Rose returns with a new solo album, 'Love As Projection' due March 10, 2023 and synth-pop lead single.

Frankie Rose announces her first solo album in six years with the synth-pop lead single “Anything.” The christened reintroduction that is Love As Projection, due March 10, 2023 via Slumberland, is a decade of stories and sounds filtered through a contemporary pop tone.

On “Anything” the artist delightfully floats between dreamy synths and a new wave production akin to the ’80s. Rose’s vocals are longing, sweet and packed with washes of melodious layers. The bright disposition of the track comes as relief into the new year and tells of a larger picture of refinement and stories that are cultivated by and through time.

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Love as Projection Tracklist:
1. Sixteen Ways
2. Anything
3. Had It Wrong
4. Saltwater Girl
5. Feel Light
6. DOA
7. Sleeping Night and Day
8. Molotov in Stereo
9. Come Back
10. Song for a Horse

Cover photo: Esme Rogers Smith

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