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Erin Tyler’s Folk Singles Reflect A Strong Narrative for Upcoming LP ‘Daydreamer’

Indie-folk artist shares two singles from her upcoming album, 'Daydreamer.'

Indie-folk artist Erin Tyler shared two singles of the 2022 year which teased the direction and sound of her upcoming album Daydreamer, due early 2023.

Born into a music-loving family, Tyler began singing and writing music with her father while in high school and built a local Boston following. While her debut EP and follow-up were created in the formative years of growth and education, the upcoming LP takes on a few years of reflection, including pre and post-pandemic. It echoes the sentiments of changes and fear that is best illuminated on the singles “Letting Go” and “Floods.”

The pair of tracks have a witchful grace and visceral worry of change that meets the unknown bravery with first steps. It poetically illustrates the mediation and storytelling of Tyler that is to be heard on Daydreamer.

“Floods” emerges from an acoustic brush of analysis and with a palatable hook that resembles many contemporary heroines that find the sun breaking through the storm. Thematically, this tracks allows for completion moving onward to its companion “Letting Go.”

The memorable rustic undertones of the guitar are perfectly matched to the dulcet tones of Tyler on “Letting Go.” It is a stronger enchantment of melodies and remembrance of a painful decision. Tyler delivers the hook with passion and dismantles enough pain from walking away that there’s a resurgence in the narrative: “I hope you understand / I’ll do what I can / time left me.” With enough space given on the track to receive and empathize with each line, Tyler is stepping into a well-assured light.

Daydreamer was written, recorded, and produced with local musicians from the Boston area. Stay tuned for more releases by the artist in anticipation of the artist’s upcoming LP.

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