Space XMAS Returns to Baja California Sur, December 17, 2022

Space Xmas returns for their psych Winter Festival.

The annual psychedelic festival, Space XMAS, returns to Crania in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur on December 17, 2022 for a intergalactic themed event consisting of independent artists, installations, live visuals and more.

The line-up features a fusion of psychedelic acts from punk, rock, jazz and pop and caters to those who prefer the haze and beauty in pushing past a singular state of mind — musically and as a whole.

Featuring performances by Bruno Pernadas; Sgt. Papers; Petite Amie; Donlagrima; Shamans; Daturas; Nico Borgio (DJ Set) and live visuals by Braincandy; Purdy Lites; and Error1322.

GA tickets start at $1,000 MXN (roughly $51 USD) with the option for VIP.

Purchase tickets here / Compra tus boletos aqui

More information: Facebook | Instagram

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