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Agent Envy Draws the Line on ‘No Friend’

San Diego-based artist shares an assertive alt-track single which blends industrial rock, grunge, and mainstream sensibilities.

San Diego-based artist and producer, Agent Envy shares her latest alt-rock track “No Friend.” Declaring “enough is enough,” the track’s moody and industrial undercurrents propel this track towards a firm, unapologetic divide between self and past individuals who don’t respect one’s energy.

Though, this disposition shouldn’t be a surprise to fans of the artist, and equally serves as a perfect introduction to new listeners. “No Friend” approaches a more melodic production from previous releases but hangs on to the coarse marks left by the teeth of industrial rock similar to her 2020 release, “My Own Summer (Shove It).” Its blend and mainstream sensibility provides ample space to appreciate the mechanics of the genre and murky tone by the likes of grunge.

Distorted verses haunts a past conversation as the artist slings the reminder, “you turned a friend into an enemy.” The track’s break reassures a forward momentum during a moment of hesitation and soars alongside the artist’s vocals.

And as we enter the new year, the track is a reminder to respect your own space and leave situations that no longer serve you.

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