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Mini Trees Shares Acoustic Rendition of Original Dream-Pop Single ‘Underwater’

Mini Trees shares her acoustic version of "Underwater" taken off her 2021 LP 'Always in Motion.'

Los Angeles-based “living room pop” artist Mini Trees, the pseudonym of Lexi Vega, released an acoustic version of her song “Underwater” taken from the 2021 LP, Always in Motion via Run For Cover Records.

While the original embodies a weightless, dreamy nature, the reworking version awakens an emotional and vulnerable aspect to the track’s lyrics and the artist’s vocals. “Underwater” is frosted, regarding cooler tones in sound leading to a pensive juncture. Respectively, there’s a more organic appreciation to this version which allows listeners to absorb all instrumentation. And with Vegas’s isolated vocals that lead the track out, the bittersweet singular line, ” I don’t know how to take it,” creates a new meaning for the track.

“‘Underwater’ is one of the tracks from ‘Always in Motion’ that I’m most proud of and over the last year I’ve had opportunities to play it in a few different formats, including as an acoustic song,” explains Vega. “This re-imagined version brings more of the subtle textures and instrumentation to the forefront, like the layered clarinets and vocal harmonies, and I think it lets the lyrics shine in a different way too.”

Ultimately, both tracks swim down different streams which makes a comparison not always fair. It is a beautiful aspect to witness an artist reformat a release that has taken on a life in the world. It allows for more creativity and utilizes experiences of what the song has taken on to now exist in a different way.

Cover photo: Danielle Parsons

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