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Montoya and Pedrina Collaborate for Ethereal Release ‘Nubecita’

This is the first release from Montoya's upcoming album 'El Nido' due July 7,2023.

Colombian DJ and producer and Italy-based artist Montoya shares his latest track “Nubecita” featuring Pedrina via ZZK Records. The single is the first release from the artist’s upcoming album El Nido due July 7, 2023, and is also accompanied by a stop-motion animated visual.

Capturing the essence of endless possibilities and the power of falling in love, “Nubecita” is as weightless as the cloud it takes it name from. Crafted with Montoya’s signature structure, “Nubecita” and its delicacy flow respectively from the organic stems of indigenous folk music from Columbia, layered with “melodic electronica” and with Pedrina’s vocals melting the frostiest of minds. Translucent in production, the sensuality of the track is liberating and a bright feature to represent the beating heart of life.

“This song represents for me that sensation of lightness, letting go, the flow of life,” says Montoya. “Pedrina says that for her it’s an invitation to fly over an imaginary landscape of love and tranquility in a colorful, feminine country. The lyrics evoke the power we have to transform other people’s energy.”

Photo: De Mayda

The visual by Kati Egely expands on this testament of love and its transformative energy with rose colored sights. Depicting the atmospheric pleasure and getting lost in shape shifting pink clouds when in love, its sweet demeanor call on the wonder of our own venture.

Montoya’s third album El Nido is a call back to home as seen with the name (“The Nest”). El Nido is also a Filipino municipality on the island of Palawan, a place that turned out to be Montoya’s last live experience before the pandemic.

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