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Bratty Shares Bedroom-Pop Single ‘¿Y Cómo?’ (Feat. Hinds) Ahead of 2023 EP Release

Bratty's latest single announces the artist guest-filled EP, 'Es Mi Fiesta Y Si Quiero Hago Un EP' via Universal Music Mexico.

Mexico’s Bratty (Jenny Juárez) released her new single “¿Y Cómo?“, a collaboration with Hinds, to announce the January 5, 2023 release of Es Mi Fiesta Y Si Quiero Hago Un EP via Universal Music Mexico.

Es Mi Fiesta Y Si Quiero Hago Un EP follows the artist’s sophomore album, tdbn (2021), and takes pages from indie sweethearts to focus on the topics of love and heartbreak.

The track treks a hopeless romantic path and questions throughout its hook how anything will be done without a person as time passes. The signature minimal design and lo-fi sound drives the vulnerability of the track, while Juárez’s small, silvery tone melts all words.

Transitioning into the garage sensibilities by Hinds, the track see a balances of the bedroom-pop aesthetic of Bratty, who wrote part of the track in Spain of 2021.

“The opportunity arose to have a session with Hinds and I showed them this idea, which they loved and we finished writing it together,” says Juárez. “They added their garage style that ended up enchanting me. Since I was a teenager I admired their group a lot since it is one of the few led by girls who play their own music.”

Es Mi Fiesta Y Si Quiero Hago Un EP Tracklist

1 – “Mi Habitación” w/ Yawners
2 – “Y Cómo” w/ Hinds
3 – “Continental” w/ NSQK y Méne
4 – “Shh” w/ Álvaro Díaz
5 – “Seguiremos Siendo” w/ Depresión Sonora
6 – “Things Will Be Fine” w/ Metronomy

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