‘Tomorrow’ Sees Saint Aubin Wrestle with Moving On

Saint Aubin shares the love/hate relationship with moving on throug

Indianapolis artist Saint Aubin shares his fifth release and latest alt-rock single, “Tomorrow.” Part of a 3-track EP of the same name which features previous releases of the year, “Anchors Break” and “Where Did I Go Wrong?”, the latest track wrestles with grief, hope, anger, and the complexity of moving on.

After losing his mother in March of 2021, the artist began to process his grief through songs. On “Tomorrow,” the artist focuses on the “love/hate relationship with moving on” through a simple arrangement of melodic rock.

The two-minute track captures stages upon each repetition of “tomorrow,” seemingly stuck on today and yesterday. It’s triumphant and grand, the soundtrack of a hero reaching the end with all bruises accounted for, and collectively still poignant. As one last yell wraps up the minutes, the reflection of this sunset is a warm introduction to the mind of Saint Aubin.

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