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Lucky Lo ‘I Will Always Be You’

Lucky Lo inspires us to call on the magic of childhood on spirited indie pop cut.

Lucky Lo, the pseudonym for Swedish multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Lo Ersare, shares her latest track and accompanying video, “I Will Always Be You.” The single encapsulates the magic of childhood and the spirit of our beginnings with a vigorous indie-pop sound.

A call back to roots is the sweet motif that takes on the single’s sight and sound. The production is expressive and feathered with a devil-may-care movement to the heartbeat of Lo’s melodious vocals. There’s a secure, brave, and weightless aroma that comes to fruition at the helm of the percussion. All which are moved forward with the fragmented lines of truth and reminders: “Find a way to come back home / Find a way to let them know / I will always be you / I will always be you.”

Set to the visual of home videos from both Lo’s childhood, and fans, the sweet collage reignites and refreshes the joy of our start. Clearly illustrating what has brought us joy and our capabilities to experience joy, regardless of how much time has passed and what may be our current environments.

“Children’s gut feeling is more intact and they are great at following their intuition,” says the artist. “When we grow up, we tend to forget our ability to listen to what our body and subconscious are trying to communicate.

“I would encourage people to take a break and look back at their childhood. What can we learn from it?”

Featuring Fridolin Nordsø (percussion, beats, keys), Frederik Nordsø (bass, timpani, keys), Mads Richardt Dons Nørgaard (electric guitar), and Casper Henning Hansen (drums, shaker) on the track, the dynamism of the collaborative liberation benefits the overall production for a moment of zen.

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Cover photo: Rita Kuhlmann

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