Eden Cami Searches for Identity on ‘Ataituka أتيتك (I Come to You)’

Eden Cami releases her first song in Arabic utilizing Maram al-Masri's poem.

The duality of identity throughout time is as abstract as love, but as visual reaffirming as the rings in a tree reminding us of what we carry. Through growth and acceptance of self, the world returns the favor. A concept that has been beautifully displayed on Eden Cami’s latest release “Ataituka أتيتك (I Come to You).”

The Berlin-based artist by way of Galilee shares her first song in her native Arabic, which is a poem by Maram al-Masri (One among the living واحدة من سكان الأرض) for a fitting messaging of identity. Paired with a visual by Stefano Di Puma, “Ataituka أتيتك (I Come to You)” asks us to remove our masks.

Following previous releases like “Free Bird” and the stunner, “Born a Stranger,” the latest single conceptually fits the artist’s discography and entanglements with the sense of belonging. Eden weaves a progressive pop-rock composition fueled by the caress of Arabic, the poem of Maram al-Masri, and the linger of loneliness at the risk of being ourselves. The track’s psychedelic rock core explores this singular vastness and avant-garde stylings, calling back the revival heard in the ’90s.

Eden’s vocals melt each line before becoming one with the heavy downpour of chords. At moments, she is spellbinding on the hook and moves with the tempo changes with ease. Her vocals whisper truth, and commands, simultaneously at the feet of each line.

The visual personifies the changes and shedding of masks. We see Eden vulnerable and breathing fortitude into an otherworldly dimension and isolated in the nothingness of a dark screen. It’s a holy bookend of words and sights found in youth that take on a different meaning later in life.

This release opens up a new-found path for the artist to explore and we anticipate her future releases.


I came to you,
No scent,
No ornaments,
I came to you as I am, without a mask, true,
I came to you as one among the living.
أتيتك, لا أتعطر برائحة    
ولا أتزين بحلية     
على حقيقتي     
دون إطار    
دون زيف   
أتيتك      واحدة من سكان الأرض   

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