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Sgt. Papers’ ‘Pérdida Total’ Is A Drunken Voyage

Mexico's psych/garage band shares their latest single and remaining tour dates.

Mexico’s Sgt. Papers latest garage track takes the spirit of a drunken story and the “lucky jerks” running wild for a retelling on “Pérdida Total” via DIW Records. Brothers Ivan and Felipe García dangle sharp licks and upfront lines to the ethos of punk. The two-minute track encapsulates the duo’s energy and creativity to turn anything and everything into a story.

“For this song, I was inspired by the story of a friend, who took off in his car after a party,” share the duo. “We believe he was searching for love. He later crashed his car into the drive thru of a Burger King 2 blocks from his house and totaled it. He fled the scene, and went to sleep. The next day, he reported the car as stolen and collected the insurance money. This song is for all those lucky jerks out there running wild.”

It’s short enough to introduce new listeners to the duo’s pace and unapologetic perception. The brothers adorned instruments are rich counterparts for the track’s unbothered disposition, coexisting between distorted guitar slides to the rough clacks heard behind the drum kit.

The Sonoran Desert natives have captured both sides of the border since their debut LP,  Sgt. Papers Lonely Psych Punk Band, following up with their 2019 collection, Me Hiciste Brujería. The psych/garage outfit are wrapping up their second leg of the tour with additional dates added in California.

Catch Sgt. Papers on Tour: Remaining Dates

November 17 – The Paramount , Los Angeles, CA KCWR’s ‘Global Beat Live’

November 19 – Stork Club – Oakland, CA

November 20 – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA

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