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Ryck Jane ‘Bitter’

Los Angeles artist shares a smooth and honest retelling taken off the upcoming full-length, 'Jane Got A Gun.'

Ryck Jane’s storytelling and arrangements have always been a driving point throughout her discography. On the Los Angeles artist’s latest single, “Bitter,” Ryck Jane pens an unguarded open-letter of resentment and accountability.

Produced by Ishmael Ferguson and Urban Nerd Beats, “Bitter” is the second single from the artist’s anticipated full-length Jane Got A Gun. It’s a smooth, alternative hip-hop cut which fills the space with a relatable ambience of moving on and getting stuck in the process.

The track’s ukulele sample chronicles the anguish of loss and pairs sweetly with Ryck’s emotive verses and deep bass riffs. Ryck switches between bars to a melodic hook and throws the tone towards the waters of R&B. Though, it is the visual companion that digs out all those “damn” moments.

Starring Anthony Okray, Khrissy B, ‘Sekend and Tiara Monique, and shot by Ashley Eberbach (Burnone Productions) and Tom Nagel (Steel House Productions), the crushing moments are seen and felt in real time depicting the singular moments of being trapped in a crowded space that is still moving. Featuring out of body moments and hesitant lines that should’ve been said, the video strikes a balance of internal blame and the reality of time.

In spite of the topic, there is a peaceful quality to the video and track. It could be the accountability, the feathered strings that add to the smooth production, or the fact that this is a sincere retelling. What is clear is Ryck’s delivery and finesse of each line and this is one of the many reasons the artist’s upcoming full-length is in demand.

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