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Horney’s Debut EP ‘Knees’ Is A Zealous Introduction

Brazil-based band delivers displaced anger and searches for freedom through grunge and alternative sonic walls.

Hailing from Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil, alternative rock ensemble Horney have encapsulated a promising array of anger with an appetite for independence on their debut 3-track EP, Knees.

Comprised of Duda Maiolini, Rafael Bello, Jorge Siementkowski, and André Felipe, Horney rearranges their displacement of angst in a short amount of time. Pulling from a DIY ethos and the aesthetics of alternative rock from the ’90s, Horney’s 2020 release is a fresh and promising cut from the band, showcasing their flexibility and candor within the genre.

The titular track hits the ground running with a guttural growl delivered by Maiolini. “Knees” dominate the 3 minutes with catchy licks and a memorable break, overall becoming a mainstream attraction. It’s sharp in arrangement, excitement and quick-wit, depicting the intensity of being on one’s knees. The track admits exhaustion yet still promises to “set you free,” closing with a tight and clean sound for such a vivacious track. This becomes a thematic cry on the EP to essentially break free in all aspects of life.

Horney (Courtesy of the artist)

Inside Out” follows its predecessor’s frame of mind, but caters to the thrill of a slow start. Estranged plucks burn with confusion and an enjoyable, heavy distortion. This track punches lower frequencies to the front and dances its assertion “I want you out of me” on a listener’s spine with each listen.

Lyrically, the track is bare-faced and fills the space with a heated reaction: “Denying myself to just have you around/ What a stupid thing to do/ Am I losing my time?/ Or just my fucking mind?”

Subsequently, it fights for the exile of energy in this space, bleeding with brisk guitar solos. Impressive in its build, this is a personal favorite and bridges remaining tracks from either direction.

Aside from the obvious grunge influence which soaks the EP, there’s a brighter swing which closes the collection. “Nobody Knows” dresses uncertainty and an aloof disposition with a lighted delivery. Once again crafting an ear-worm for a hook, the track’s attitude for the most part is unfettered. Though, its tempo change, which sees light on the break, says otherwise.

Sinking in darker shades, this is a great implementation by the band to not only show their versatility but the depth and process of not wanting to care. While it attempts to disconnect, there’s always a piece that seems wounded.

Upon the release of Knees, the 3-track EP has propelled the quartet on a stint of live shows and to join the label Forever Vacation Records, which will hopefully act as a home for upcoming releases.

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