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Mary Jane Snow Falls Into a Grunge Pit on ‘Home Alone Lost In NY’

The guitarist, singer/songwriter utilizes anger and a minimalist structure for a grunge rock reflection.

Mary Jane Snow’s latest grit-induced track tries to figure out what the hell happened and what is the next move through a calculated distortion. “Home Alone Lost In NY” sees the artist comfortable in a grunge-rock soundscape, compared to her previous release, and embraces the rawness that comes with uncertainty.

The track is an energetic and simplistic pulse which achieves the back-and-forth nature of spiraling. Its brashness in percussion and momentary isolation between instrumentation adds the extra bite to the track, almost an attempt to gather her thoughts. Each sound receives its moment in the sun with MJS’s low reverb running alongside the disarray.

MJS utilizes and acknowledges anger on the track explaining its origins are about “falling into a pit, asking questions, and facing fear with an intensity that does not disappoint.” The Seattle-based artist is unapologetic and soars during the second half of the track through unbounded shouts.

This new project seems to be more liberating for the artist after a stint in Los Angeles with her previous bands Hazelden and End Roulette. Noting to all to continue to “be individual” and to “be yourself,” getting lost on the track reflects the artist’s messaging and perhaps her own grasp of what she wants as she faces these fears head on.

“Many girls lose their creative ambition and self-expression, and get forced into or settle for administrative roles instead,” says MJS. “Follow your dreams as artists, poets, and musicians.”

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Cover photo: Ryan Aylsworth

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