The Bombhappies ‘Boléro’

Swedish alt-rock band share their own "Boléro" of repeated love and the love in repetition.

Swedish ’90s alternative band, The Bombhappies, return with a new single in ten years. “Boléro” acts as a reintroduction to the band with a repetition of what they love and the sounds of repeated love, which becomes a fitting concept as the band approaches their 30 year anniversary.

In reference to French composer Maurice Ravel’s “Boléro”, which is a one-movement orchestral piece, the alt-band utilize a similar structure consisting of one melody and rhythm rotating multiple orchestrations throughout its 9-minute expression.

Pairing a very beautiful and meditative opening with the bluntness of adolescent growing pains, the track’s production is soaked in past, sunnier moments. The expansion of nature and reflective notes whistled along the way set up “Boléro” for a purposeful journey. Contrasting to the lyrics, which speak of a relationship that goes in circles with its highs and lows, the constant in melody becomes pensive — similar to the act of aging.

Hazy, Brit-Pop influenced vocals tug on the passage of time and beautifully encompasses what it held. The track isn’t necessarily “stuck”, but through the evolution of repeating the same melody differently, displays an evolution of love alongside the people: “I was just a kid when I first saw you/ We were just kids then/ And kids can be awful.”

Despite the repetition, the track doesn’t tire or lose that spark, rather unfolds as a breeze hitting different senses along the way. The underlining feelings are never removed to those in the dream or of the narrator, and it almost becomes bittersweet to acknowledge the end of this cycle.

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