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Fior Accepts Cycles of Attraction on ‘Overdose’

The artist details romantic attraction as an addicting feeling on the alternative-pop single.

Falling in love with the concept of love can be addicting, specifically to the “firsts.” Fior’s latest track speaks on the dependence of attraction, damn the consequences. The alternative-pop track “Overdose” follows up the artist’s electronic funk track “YOYO” to showcase a rougher, more tangible production by the artist.

The track listens a little stripped down in comparison to previous releases all to cater to Fior’s emotive tone. “Overdose” dreamily takes a slower tempo and marries contrasting organic sounds which gradually builds towards a more pop centered verse and overall balances out the presentation.

The track and its drumming are bright and brassy, keying the cyclical frustration of this attraction. The rawness in production works beautifully with the artist’s vocals — which slowly burn akin to the first shot of whiskey. With that said, the track doesn’t nurse any wounds, rather it accepts them. Comparatively this is a young hold with a mature philosophy, and one that reminds you of the joys of feeling.

“Romantic attraction is a mysterious chemistry,” says Fior. “The electric feeling in your veins, butterflies in your stomach, the rush of adrenaline. Like drugs, the euphoric feeling is very addictive. For attraction junkies it’s hard to accept when the intoxication fades, it becomes a cycle of preventing true love because you’re overdosing on new love.”

With three singles under her belt the artist has shown multiple facets and an impressive vocal range acting an artist to watch as we anticipate the next release.

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