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Minas Faces and Acknowledges Self on ‘Fight One’

Minas faces himself on latest electronic angst cut.

Minas return with the resounding single “Fight One” via Libertino and flips the mirror to oneself to work through self hatred and stagnation. Comprised of producer and multi-instrumentalist James Minas alongside a rhythm section courtesy of the Davies Brothers, Minas’ latest sees repressed anger breathing new air through a textured and restorative production.

The track scrolls through memories, incidents, and is a confrontational conversation. Rage is melted into distorted static with Minas’ collected spoken words transforming into unabashed shouts. Each line is a punch by way of deep-toned attacks ranging from physical features to feelings of resenting the residue of time: “And age is following me like a bad odor.”

In the face of an angry mirror though, the track is a moment of realization. The conversation with and to Minas stirs the wants with permission to simply be vulnerable, acknowledging past stains along the way.

The sonic experience created is both peaceful and intrusive as the vocal expression takes lead as an honest discord. Heightening the senses from both elements of production to distorted angst, “Fight One” turns this acknowledgment into action.


“Even though I was on the right path, I had relapses,” says frontman James Minas. “This was a conversation I was having with myself, not to fix it, just to start noticing what was happening more. I guess this track serves as the first real moment of fear I had, fear of where the hell I was going, where I would end up if I carried on. I didn’t like myself at all, I felt my life was a bit of a joke and I wasn’t of much use to anyone.

“It’s the first song on the album where I’m being completely straight up with myself. I used to walk around my area where I was then living in Cardiff like I was on a mission of self destruction, including walking down Clifton Street on whatever concoction of substances I was on as if looking for a problem. I started realising this wasn’t cool and really wasn’t who I wanted to be.”

The track is taken from an upcoming album due later this year and comes ahead of an accompanying video.

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