Ithaca Basks in Discomfort on Tech-Death Single and Video ‘Camera Eats First’

Ithaca share their latest metallic single with a disturbing video ahead of their sophomore LP 'They Fear Us' due July 29 via Hassle Records.

Bathing in the discomfort of our own consumption, Ithaca’s “Camera Eats First” is a mesmerizing metallic track that invokes visual discrepancies for a moment of deep reflection.

Comprised of progressive rock influences, howling and harmonic vocals, and tech-death complexity, the single shreds social media norms to pieces and equally adds a welcoming uneasiness with its visual companion. Taken off their upcoming sophomore LP They Fear Us due July 29 via Hassle Records, “Camera Eats First” introduces a new audience to a blistering band and album which can be appreciated by listeners beyond the hardcore box.

Visually, the video references Martin Scorses’s short, The Big Shave, with vocalist Djamila Boden Azzouz’s attire referencing Marie Antoinette and her famed quote, “let them eat cake!” It opens with a content disclaimer for “food, eating disorders, and body hatred” as an empty space is prepped for the first meal. Azzouz’s guttural roar blast each line, “Don’t move just stay right there. Accept the curse,” to an accepting chorus that begins the questioning, who is really in control?

“With this video we’re using stark contrasts to create a sense of pure unease – rococo indulgence meets clinical experiment, luxury with grotesque gorging, beauty with violence,” says the band. “The discomfort is designed to hold up a mirror to ourselves; in an era of self-surveillance and constant presentation, who is in control, who is the aggressor and, ultimately, are you devouring or is the camera devouring you?”

Owning the tech-death title, “Camera Eats First” is complex in its nature and still makes time for melodious moments. The outcries are in a state of disarray but work brilliantly with a clamor of notes that don’t compete, but work together in their chaos to be heard. As for the video, it could and will be disturbing for most, but the acknowledgement of the disgust is the only way to grasp the intent. And all in all, makes for one hell of a phenomenal video.

Cover photo: Martyna ‘Gingerdope’ Bannister

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