Angela Mona Drops A ‘DramaBomb’ and Rejects Generational Curses

Angela Mona is on a mission to "break generational curses" with her latest single part of the reflective project, 'iam. Sincerely, Nobody.'

Angela Mona’s project iam. Sincerely, Nobody, is a moment for unlearning and as the artist has stated on her latest single, a time for “breaking generational curses.”

The Armenian-American artist’s “DramaBomb” follows its predecessors’ suit and speaks its truth with a commanding spirit — one that is worn as a badge of honor. The single, which acts as Chapter 4 in the series, in unapologetic and thrives off the sensational emotions from a deepened electronic and alt R&B production.

Dressed in a youthful backing of reflection to a lullaby-esque tune, “DramaBomb” is true in its struggles and growth. The single continues Mona’s concept of identity, rejecting toxic situations and ultimately giving herself permission to be angry. “Why won’t you ever ask how I’m feeling? You selfish prick,” sings Mona candidly. Mona’s voice leaves no residue and is thick with a new found conviction. The chorus is whisked away through vocal layers, reassuring Mona stepping into a light of power.

“‘DramaBomb’ is an anthem for those who crave to break out of toxic situations and stand up against those who hurt others,” says the artist. “Whoever feels outcasted, taken advantage of, or just downright mistreated by small-minded people.”

Angela Mona (Photo: @Zayytoldem)

“We are every version of ourselves prior to today,” an unattached nugget of wisdom that this writer has acquired through therapy which resonates to this track and to Mona’s overall mission of healing. The early initiative to accept and reject, and personify them into a collection is heartening for the upcoming artist and I anticipate the continuation of the project.

Cover photo: @Zayytoldem

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