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Cigarbox Man Meets in Another Dimension on Psychotropic Single ‘Mírame’

The artist returns with an electronic and psych-infused trip detailing a sensation of two people meeting for the first time.

Chilean artist Cigarbox Man shares a luminous new single about meeting for the first time and the dimensional familiarity it brings. Honing in on a mind-altering palette, the track pulls from and translates psychotropics into a story of destined buoyant waves.

Known for his handmade guitar crafted from recycled materials and his active role in conservation and sustainability, which he has dubbed as “sustainable rock,” the track is also a carbon neutral single.

The track contains more movement than previous releases like “Mal Menor” or “Me Incendié” — which are a highly recommended listen — and is flexible as a result of its psychedelia and electronica backbone.

There’s a seductive, coyness to the delivery of each line in the verses, which reads as hesitancy to then a mutual understanding that both were strangers before the intervention of some outside force. The frankness is exfoliated by the brightness and many layers of the chorus, commanding to be looked at as if they had never met in another life and as if madness never wronged the other (Mírame, como si nunca en otra vida fuimos más / Mírame, si mi locura alguna vez te hizo mal).

“‘Mírame’ describes the sensation of two people meeting each other for the first time, and feeling like they had known each other forever,” says Cigarbox Man. “It was inspired by the first time I met my wife. We both had the feeling that somehow, we had known each other in a past life.”

“Mírame describe la sensación de dos personas que se encuentran por primera vez y que sienten que se conocen desde siempre,” menciona Cigarbox Man. “Se inspiró en la primera vez que conocí a mi mujer. Ambos tuvimos la sensación de que, de alguna manera, nos habíamos conocido en una vida pasada.”

Cigarbox Man. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Mírame” is the artist’s first single since the pandemic and his relocation to the Bay Area. The new single also acts as a refreshing start in preparation of the release of his first full LP that includes a strong production team by the likes of Tomás Salcedo (Guitars, Fantastic Negrito), Nahuel Bronzini (Mixing Engineer, Fantastic Negrito), Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta, Residente), Uriah Duffy (Whitesnake), Karl Perazzo (Carlos Santana), and many other well known musicians from the Bay Area.

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