Maddie Carpenter’s ‘You’ Mirrors the Ache and Hope of Love and Loss

Maddie Carpenter beautifully captures the state of mind of an ending while composing from the outside.

Bay Area artist Maddie Carpenter waltzes through afterthoughts of love and loss on her latest release “You.” Composed as a way to understand an outside demise of a relationship, Carpenter illustrates a foreign state of mind with grace and pensive movements.

“At the point in my life that I wrote ‘You’ several of my closest friend’s parents were going through divorces or separations,” says the artist. “This song was kind of my way of understanding the unraveling of a long term relationship, or what I imagined it felt like.”

The artist’s imaginative stance on the track affirms her candor in voice and as a storyteller. In the same regard, how clear our intangible emotions are worn and the universal connection they share.

“You” tenderly captures this philosophy with an aching voice, and in composition, and despite the tinge of pain manages to be cherubic in delivery: “I don’t know anymore what I should and should not do. You say, ‘take all that I have and I will wrap you in my arms.’ I was fooled by the greatness of everything you are. Thought it was you.”

Produced by Zachary Moses Ostroff, the dreamy orchestration walks along hurt for a rumination of the residue of loss, but also the love that was capable to be felt and what more there is to still feel.

“As much as it is a sad song, I find it hopeful as it makes space for a new start and finding what you truly want for yourself or from a potential partner.”

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