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Jakk Fynn Makes Space for Hope and Healing on ChillPop Track ‘Meow’

Jakk Fynn shares a hopeful track for those struggling with mental health on his latest "Meow."

Jakk Fynn has been an artist who has always been true to himself and continues to create the space for representation. Watching the artist grow into his sound has been one of the best things to witness throughout the years, but the string of singles the artist has released as of late have conveyed an unrestrained aura from the artist. Subsequently, allowing Fynn to step into a new, welcoming place within his own power.

On his latest, Fynn’s confidence and security is a hopeful friend letting you know life is still worth living, especially for those who are working through their mental health. “Meow” is refreshing, gentle, and powerful in its arrangement. The track acknowledges displaced thoughts, invisible loneliness, and unspoken struggles that unite us more than we may realize.

Very well stemmed from Fynn’s own struggle with mental health throughout his journey as a transmasculine person and artist, “Meow” unifies and makes a listener less lost in the crowd. Fynn mediates on past experiences and faces these snapshots throughout the video, almost rewriting their meanings for himself.

“Since I’ve struggled with mental health since a young age, it meant a lot to me to go back to the area I grew up in to film this video,” shares Fynn on V13. “The locations I chose are really important to me. The river was a place I could run free as a kid, while the Pacific Ocean was a place I’d drive to as a teen when I was in a lot of pain and needed to reflect. I will always have a mix of emotions between joy and pain when it comes to my upbringing and hometown, but writing this song and filming this video was incredibly therapeutic for me and another stepping stone in my ever-going journey.”

Jakk Fynn // Photo by Maxine Bowen

Produced by Danny Balistocky, the overall soundscape is a therapeutic wash of cool-toned synths and dreamy pop. It is an expansive sound, lucid and starry-eyed alongside Fynn’s lightweight vocals. Reminiscent of a summer breeze from Fynn’s yesteryear, this carried warmth has become a source to shine brighter into the future.

And with a spoken word break which takes the isolated and lonely feelings to a larger space to exist, it is a simply a lovely thing to embrace and listen:

So I just want you to know that whatever you’re feeling Or whatever it is that you may be going through That you are valid, you are loved That there’s a community out there who accepts you and appreciates you for who you are And most importantly that in your humanity, you are not alone It is what binds you to the beauty in this fucked up world

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