Cinnamon Babe Harnesses Control and Sexual Empowerment on Industrial Cut ‘Messiah’

Cinnamon Babe puts desires on the forefront on their latest single and video.

The Los Angeles-based band Cinnamon Babe, led by Bronx native Stormi Maya, take a slight departure from nu-metal to harness sexual empowerment and control through an industrial/electronic filter.

Messiah” sensually states all wants and demands while elevating the industrial crunch to a more atmospheric bar. Its encapsulation of a chosen feminine power while asserting worship and to “fuck my body, fuck my soul” is a genuine enjoyment — not only in sound and texture, but joy for a woman and her chosen pleasure.

“While most of my music written is about my battles with mental illness, past traumas and struggles, I took a break from that to make something sexually empowering and fun,” says Maya. “‘Messiah’ is about being worshiped, adored and in control: all the things we secretly desire. The song makes me feel like a goddess in a world where I mostly feel like a freak. ‘Messiah’ is about unconditional love and admiration, which is something I seek.”

Breathy requests stagger into the patterns of a racing heart, anticipating the next move, which keeps the track afloat. They murmur just beneath a layer of distorted electronic pules to hypnotize and focus on this desire, down to a sensory level, all thanks to Maya’s vocal control.

The track isn’t as heavy, with percussion taking a backseat, but the playfulness and teasing call back the early days of Garbage as they explored the movement of a voice. This easily demonstrates the range of the artist and the power of Maya’s lead. All which creates an excited anticipation from the ensemble and from Maya.

Cover photo: Jim Louvau

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