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Young Winona Makes Us Feel ‘Sadistic’ On Intoxicating Alt-Rock Cut

Young Winona explores a range of fantasies fueled by hate and balanced by the band's harmony.

Young Winona’s nerves are liberating as much as they are tested. And with a line of singles that speak on the Los Angeles-based trio’s musical evolution, mindset, and direction, their latest via Poor Man Records cements their balance-of-nature with intensity in true Young Winona fashion.

Exploring a slew of revenge fantasies birthed from hate, “Sadistic” is a tightly wound, uptempo drizzle of desires bitter to some, sweet for Young Winona. The track’s timing is as sharp as the lines that boast of striking wants (“I want to push you down twisted stairs/I want to be the one to leave you there”) and finds contentment through the band’s harmonics.

Cassie Gaffaney, Geoff Maddock and Nick Gaffaney never lose their potency throughout the track for a full and tight sound. Cassie’s unabashed commands drive her point through the budding resentment until they breath relief to the expansion of the artist’s contemporary vocal resonance. The arrangement and delivery speak so highly of the band’s locked in attention to one another, and their wit, in the utilization of energy as heavy as hate.

“Sadistic is about that one time I hated a coworker so much I imagined various methods of murder,” shares Young Winona. “Then it became a joke. You should see the murders that DID NOT make it into the song. Pretty sure there is a line about a ‘hungry shark’ floating around somewhere, which makes me laugh.”

Young Winona from left to right: Nick Gaffaney, Cassie Gaffaney, and Geoff Maddock. Photo: Neto Velasco

“Sadistic” is an intoxicating and imaginative take on office hate that could only be delivered by the likes of Young Winona. Elevated by Cassie’s vocal accession to the alt-rock gods back down to a puddle of harmony, the trio’s refinement of their ’90s alternative influence continues to be one of their edges in Los Angeles.

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