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Razor Braids Accept Change on Indie Break-Up Track ‘Kellogg’s’

Razor Braids share a warm and bitter-sweet notion after a break-up.

Break-ups, losses — all change needs space for grieving, and eventually, celebration for the transformation and for the time had. Brooklyn band Razor Braids reflect on the moment of an inevitable break-up on their latest single for a warm and melodic finish.

Kellogg’s” snapshot of not being heard and unraveling is comforting as it is dispirited over breakfast. It accepts that there are things just out of one’s control, and that’s okay. Hollye Bynum (she/her), Janie Peacock (she/her), Jilly Karande (she/her), and Hannah Nichols (they/them) craft a bitter sweet production that hones in on the track’s contemplation and bruised words. It becomes a communal space that paves the way for those unanswered questions to breathe with self-compassion and support.

One of the great things about “Kellogg’s” is its movement with time, despite the fear of what it will bring. Opening lines presently examine that moment when final words are spoken during a relationship while the track’s ending verse circles back for closure: “Sitting at the diner on Union/Eating pancakes and feelin’ my feelings/Our last time you weren’t listenin’/To a damn thing I was sayin’.”

“I wrote these lyrics when I was going through a really tough breakup and shortly after experiencing a traumatic head injury,” says Bynum. “It’s one of those moments where you say to yourself, ‘How did I get here?’ Years later during the initial Covid shutdown, I revisited this song when I was far away from my band and feeling a similar feeling of ‘what the fuck is going to happen next?’ I think, along with the rest of the world, I was confronted with the realization that shit is out of my hands and ultimately had to learn to lean into that.”

The single is the band’s first new music since their 2021 debut LP, I Could Cry Right Now If You Wanted Me To. Razor Braids recently finished an east coast tour and will be playing May 27 at NYC’s Mercury Lounge.

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Cover photo: Michelle LoBianco

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