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Reeny Smith Shares A Facet of ‘Goodbye’

Reeny Smith crafts a sensuousness and funk induced parting.

Nova Scotian artist Reeny Smith invites listeners to walk away from unfavorable situations on “Goodbye.” What was originally left as an unfinished song until the opportunity came to be featured on CBC’s show, “Diggstown,” the track takes on a new life as more than a soundtrack, but for an opportunity for Smith to connect with listeners.

Anticipating a mournful period after the track’s introduction, “Goodbye” is hopeful in its delivery— hopeful in new beginnings, not of reconciliation. Though a bit of sadness does rise from Smith’s tone, the juxtaposition in production during its duration is a forecast of investing in your happiness.

Citing inspiration from a family member’s story, “Goodbye” centers on the first step of walking away: pensive and hesitant. “They were in a long term relationship and their partner wanted to take things to the next level,” says Smith. “There was an ultimatum given, and in the end, they said goodbye to the relationship.”

Lacquered in a sensuousness production, Smith’s iridescent vocals catch light in the depths of the guitar reverb and a funk induced talk-box. The artist is calm, collected, and takes on the narration with a quiet vigor. Backing vocals act as a reminder and the track’s instrumental break becomes an impassioned pause.

“I want listeners to be empowered; to feel like they are a part of the story,” continues Smith. “We’ve all had to walk away from something or someone in our lives and know how that feels. Hopefully this message will give people courage to say GOODBYE to any negativity in their lives.”

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