Chineurs de Madrid Celebrates 5 Years With An Enthralling Line-Up: Event Recap

Spanish collective Chineurs De Madrid celebrated 5 years for an unforgettable night for Madrid's electronic music scene. Artículo Disponible en Inglés y Español.

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As soon as you entered the intimate space of Cadavra club, you knew you were in for a night of deep cuts and heightened melodies. This past weekend Spanish collective Chineurs De Madrid celebrated a community of music lovers that has brought together corners of the underground since 2017. A dynamic group at its core, I’ve had the absolute pleasure in seeing this collective grow over the years. From bringing local acts to the forefront of the city’s music scene, or captivating audiences with a visiting international DJ, Chineurs continues to be a tastemaker for Madrid and beyond. With their 5 year anniversary in full celebration, we had a chance to recap the event with the unrelinquished talent Violet and the Chineurs crew. 

Chineurs de Madrid at Replay in 2019

Mr. Melles and Kempin Bring Dancefloor Heat

Warming up the dance floor in a classic back-to-back, Mr. Melles and Kempin were found at the beginning of the night bringing tunes to The Hole. Seamlessly transitioning subtle house numbers for a share of vocal tracks, the set delivered a high energy approach for the rest of the night. The local DJs brought a driven partnership, evident in their ability to play off each other’s selections. You can always count on Mr. Melles and Kempin to deliver electric arrangements to any crowd. 

Savino Closes A Chapter

“Progress” was the one word that continued to come to mind during Savino’s all night long set. The Madrid based act approached his time at the anniversary with a special vinyl only set up, setting the precedent for a significant evening. Known as one of the key players in the city’s music scene, the DJ explored everything from breakbeat rhythms to rare B sides. The 6 hour set demonstrated his versatility, as well as curation for all the greatest selections of the underground. With evolution a continuous theme for this act, Savino closed a chapter after this set, inaugurating a new era as Jan Swam. As the DJ shared on Instagram, “In a very brief way I can tell you that the name is inspired by a character from the 17th century linked to the study of animals and a close relationship with nature. As you will be able to see over the next few weeks, the essence of Organic Signs (a new label) is closely related to all of this.” With this rebirth, we’re extremely keen to see what Jan Swam has in store. 

Violet Transcends Into Sonic Escapism 

Lastly, we can’t forget one of the most anticipated sets of the night. One of the most sought out producers and DJs in the European circuit, Violet is known for her diversified sets and transcendent performances. All you have to do is reference her outstanding set at Boiler Room’s Sugar Mountain to get a taste of these sonic heights. Violet has played at clubs like fabric, De School and festivals such as Berlin Atonal, Dekmantel Selectors and more. She also boasts a residency at Rinse FM and her more niche Radio Quântica. Unpredictable by nature, Violet traversed a number of breakbeat, acid, and techno numbers. With this set, the melodic escalations were remarkable. Violet used her set as an opportunity to communicate with the crowd, taking partygoers to transcendent soundscapes. With an unmatched potency, the Lisbon based act thrives in creating transformative experiences. 

An unforgettable night for Madrid’s electronic music scene, Chinuers did what they do best: amplify the community that finds solace in the underground. 

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