Deicy Zuleica Shares ‘Let Them Knock’ Alongside Passionate Visual

Deicy Zuleica shares a passionate Blues ballad and equally loving video for "Let Them Knock."

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Lynwood’s Deicy Zuleica shares her latest single “Let Them Knock” with a luxurious accompanying video that shines a light on the independent artist’s magnetic allurement.

“Let them Knock” is a sexy proclamation that dedicates time and attention to a lover, pushing away all distractions. Zuleica’s smoke-filled cadence simmers between the desired Blues’ undertones for a powerful indulgence, while the track’s heavily inspired Jazz rhythm calls for bright and infectious energy. It’s an inviting line between two halves of the production that balances two powerhouses: reaffirming horns and Zuleica’s robust vocals.

The track’s visual counterpart though, shifts attention from a lover to Zuleica’s power as one. Draped in velvet and fiery hues, the video circulates around passion and a full appetite for self-love. Directed by Mighty Muds, the video’s vintage aesthetics pairs romantically to the track’s production and the artist’s overall pin-up aurora.

As a whole, there’s so much desire on this track and range within Zuleica. The track highlights the artist’s sensuality and passionate vocal runs that is still true to the artist’s voice compared to previous self-released tracks.

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