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Chin Injeti Shares Golden Toned Cut ‘YUH’ Featuring Iman Wamboi

Chin Injeti and Iman Wamboi collaborate on the fanciful lounge cut "YUH."

Canadian artist Chin Injeti shares his first release of the year, “YUH” featuring vocalist, actor, and model, Iman Wamboi. The track is a dreamy escapade that mirrors its fanciful thoughts to warmer days ahead. Though, the feeling of apricity is presently instilled on the track’s movements and lyrical conscience. Through the gentleness of Wamboi’s harmonies and lead, the warmth in her tone carries jubilation. Wamboi sun-kisses each word that in the end, the season doesn’t matter.

If familiar with Chin Injeti, formerly known for fronting Bass is Base, a listener will never know what to expect upon each release. The producer and artist generally enjoys utilizing nostalgic licks and reviving them for a second breath.

On “YUH” the subtle pace drives a sharper ear for the details in production. The track’s bossa nova and jazz coat takes the track to an emotive state while starlit chimes and colorful flutes give the intangible and simple feeling a name — blushing from the track’s title.

“The writing process was natural and fluid,” shares Injeti. “I just knew Iman and I would be great collaborators. The visuals (official music video out on March 1st) depict the simplicity and the classic nature of the song.”

Each stem of “YUH” is vibrant and natural, complementing Wamboi’s vocals. This easily becomes a beautiful collaboration that sees the artists etch the relaxation of lounge music with the undressing of passionate senses.

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