Flume Harnesses Full Creative Force with ‘Say Nothing’ Announcing New Album ‘Palaces’

Flume returns with striking new single "Say Nothing" ahead of forthcoming album 'Palaces' due May 20, 2022.

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After an enduring radio silence over the last year, Australian producer and championed experimental pioneer Flume makes a striking return with his latest single “Say Nothing” featuring Sydney-based vocalist MAY-A.

The exciting drop also comes with the announcement of his new album Palaces slated to release May 20th via Future Classic and Transgressive. The track echoes familiar synthwork that reach a masterful breakthrough, courtesy of Flume’s intuitive rhythms that push the brink of transcendence. Empowered by MAY’A’s generous vocals, the track is nothing short of outstanding.

Even more imposing is the latest visual Flume has dropped along with the single, serving as a continuation from his cryptic video earlier this year. Made with long time friend and creative collaborator Jonathan Zawada, Flume and the left-field artist transmit new heights in their visual affinities.

Largely informed by the vibrant tessellations found in nature, the video gives powerful glimpses into unconventional raptors and passive crawlers. It’s apparent Flume continues to play with his unique dichotomy of complimenting the synthetic with the natural. The collaborators also capitalize on contrast, taking striking scenes of dancers clad in white suits clashing with organic glances of MAY-A and Flume immersed in sand. Zawada’s signature palette of vigorous colors also come into play with the recurring shots of a visionary motorbike. 

With “Say Nothing” landing with a metaphysical depth, we look forward to seeing what Flume has in store later this year.

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