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Sage Bava ‘Stronger’

Sage Bava pens an open conversation of rediscovering your inner-power.

Seeing yourself for all that you are and can be is challenging at times, respectfully noting as everyone’s journey is different. Sage Bava’s “Stronger” doesn’t entirely celebrate this strength, it acknowledges in the interim of struggle.

The Brooklyn-based artist materializes the stages of a tired, tightly wrapped mind to the peaceful stream of recognition. Searching for the perfect chord and note, “Stronger” unravels at the start with the open-ended question, “Victim or survivor, which do you call her?” The tangled guitars find their way onto a bed of warm melodies led by the artist’s velvet vocals. Each waltz strikes with soft reminders (“look how much I’ve grown”), to the pace of a delectable R&B production.

Bava rediscovers her strength through the tranquil waves on the track, fused with the freedom of jazz undertones. Grounding herself, the track’s open conversation mirrors its own composition as a reminder of the artist’s inner-power: “‘Stronger’ was written in a time of unraveling of my mind of years of tightly wound coils of trauma, systemic beliefs and my own doubt and guilt.”

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