Sunflower Thieves press photo by Sophie Jouevenaar

Sunflower Thieves Pause ‘Sirens’ Through A Grounded Friendship

Sunflower Thieves share their latest dream-folk track circling around the people who keep you grounded and "moving forward."

The friendship between the duo of Sunflower Thieves is the spark plug behind their organic connectivity in voice and sound. On their latest release, “Sirens,” the Leeds-based pair creates an audible backdrop for this friendship and the many other significant people in their lives.

Their signature dream-folk becomes a meditative harmony which cuts through the day-to-day static noise. Beautifully written and even more cleverly arranged, the duo play with their words, pauses, and the cycled state of “spinning round” a crowd full of sirens: “How did you know that I/Needed someone to be/There how you know that I/Need someone to be there for.” Effortlessly, the track becomes a wonderful reminder of appreciation for those who keep, or have kept us, balanced.

As with all of their compositions, the track is sincere, but giving as much as it wishes to receive. There’s a universal stillness which the track replicates delicately, and the reassurance of another is felt through the duo’s flawless harmonies. Draped against a warm-toned acoustic which burns slowly into view, and romantic chimes, the illusory weight transfers peacefully onto the video.

Sunflower Thieves “Sirens” Official Video

Directed and shot by Olivia Ferrara, the visual companion highlights Sunflower Thieves’ rooted sentiments with home movies and in nature. The minimalist approach favors the heavy-led lyrical component of the track, redirecting focus on the lush lines.

“There’s so much noise going on in the world, and having someone who needs you by their side and needs your reassurance, can lift a weight from you,” shares Sunflower Thieves. “We tried to express how powerful this intimacy is through the various outdoor locations shown in the video, and also through more home-video style moments with Sam (Perry) and Tom (Hammond), who we wrote the song with, and who are definitely those friends for us.”

Cover Photo: Sophie Jouvenaar

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