Colatura Comes to Realistic Terms on Dreamy Cut ‘The Met’ Ahead of Upcoming Debut LP

Colatura premiere their latest track "The Met" taken off their upcoming debut LP.

Laminated with well wishes and reflected bites of reality, the latest from Colatura sits empathically at the feet of previous releases. The Brooklyn-based trio — Meredith Lampe, Jennica Best, and Digo Best — have a charming flair for pairing the dreamiest productions to the most introspective narratives, and on “The Met” their vulnerability is adored.

Leisurely told by Lampe, the track’s framed vantage point comfortably confides to a listener feelings of loneliness and impossible romantic fantasies that were once instilled in the past. A reoccurring spot, such as The Met, is where the trail of thoughts trickle. Pushing past self-discovery, almost intentionally avoiding oneself, the narration is stuck in one’s head, only focusing on the uneasiness in the solitude: “Some days crowded spaces feel lonely / Some days they feel ok.”

“You ever have one of those ‘take yourself on a date’ solo days that’s supposed to be empowering – a big middle finger to the dating world – but turns into something altogether the opposite?,” shares the band. “It’s a beautiful day, you’re alone walking the halls of the Met museum, taking in culture, searching for inspiration, but with no one by your side to share it with you struggle to find the beauty in any of the art and instead get lost in your own head.”

The honesty of the track is where the change is felt; where realization is finally acknowledged. A cascade of audible sweet dispositions wash each word clean. Bright guitar twangs pace alongside a restless mind for a colorful, indie-pop composition. While Colatura’s signature harmonies and good-humored synths make for a memorable hook.

And almost produced to match an ivory-tower world— soft and melodious — the track’s aesthetic is simply sweet. It’s one of those songs where you know everything will be alright. Where the pastel pallet opens the room for freeing movement; light in each step taken forward.

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