Borboleta ‘Take Your Time’

Borboleta practices what they preach on the neo-soul track "Take Your Time."

Borboleta’s latest video practices what they preach: The value of time and how it is owed to yourself. We know that time is valuable and through our own rushing, we spend it on everything else but ourselves. “Take Your Time” is that reminder. A cruising neo-soul wash of security, cool tone textures, and positive affirmations.

Borboleta’s pacing on the track flows effortlessly and rings towards a singsong run on the R&B production, truly honing in on each line: “there’s reasons to invest in reality.” Their vocals match the reposed percussion and bites of vocoder lines for a touch of yesteryear’s electronic funk. The artist’s matter-of-fact tone can then blossom towards a heavenly mist of harmonies on the hook for a silky toast.

“Growing up felt like everything was moving a mile a minute: school, work, romance, etc.,” shares Borboleta. “‘Take Your Time’ is about taking that time you need to breathe and putting your feet on the ground. Everything happens for a reason.”

Borboleta (Photo courtesy of the artist)

On the video, the artist clearly displays their breezy outlook towards life, soaking in the moment and spending it with those invited in their space. Despite the playfulness and softness of the video, Borboleta also takes time to address the racial bias integrated into photography (where lighter skin tones are the “norm” and darker tones are thought to be corrected). Opening shots show Borboleta referencing Shirly Cards, dismantling these thoughts with each vibrant scene and heading towards the first verse to “persevere.”

As relaxed as the lens is on “Take Your Time,” it is clear the Borboleta is addressing various pains endured with the wisdom of their present moment: Keep your power and keep your time.

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