Los Bitchos Share ‘Las Panteras’ Ahead of Upcoming Debut Album

Los Bitchos share their neo-cinematic single and announce their highly anticipated debut album due early 2022 alongside tour dates.

Los Bitchos’ recent instrumental tapestry is an exquisite surf-disco piece, threaded in their signature Tropical rhythms. All which highlights the pan-continental’s act picturesque skills and carefree attitude when it comes to not staying within a lane of one genre.

Las Panteras” comes as a bright announcement for the London-based band as it cements anticipation for their debut album, Let The Festivities Begin!, due February 4, 2022 via City Slang Records. And as a blessed treat to those festivities, Los Bitchos pair their single release with an adventurous accompanying video directed by Tom Mitchell.

The visual is a neo-cinematic nod at the spy a-go-go influence that swept the ’60s and ’70s alongside the light wit of the band. The members’ acting chops are on full display throughout the video, humorously navigating the suspenseful showdown with Las Panteras, but of course allowing enough time for coincidental, choreographed breaks.

As a collective soundscape, “Las Panteras” is a true score to spy sitcoms. Its surfadelic guitar riffs and gentle fade in sets for the element of surprise. Disillusioned synths fill in any accompanying spaces as the track’s hook is a shimmering, costal run which calls back on Van McCoy’s “Do The Hustle.”

An inviting characteristic on “Las Panteras” are also the swift changes within the arrangement. Its rhythm section treads with caution at first, allowing the the sunnier chords to be heard, before changing time signature and taking the track to a psych-cumbia treat. This is the most delicious part of the “Las Panteras” chapter, building for a richer sound thanks to cowbells, cabasa, and the overall percussion section.

“We wanted to show the mystery of the song combined with sassy dance moves,” shares Augustina Ruiz. “Inspirations for the video are Kill Bill, Scooby Doo & Spice Girls’s ‘Wannabe’ video. The huge battle climax at the end is a Bram Stoker ‘Dracula’ inspired fight which will leave you hanging for what’s in store next, between Las Panteras and the girls.”

Photo: Tom Mitchell

“Las Panteras” is the first toast to brighter days ahead and a glimpse of the direction Los Bitchos have crafted on their debut album. Signaling a universal sigh of relief after a rough couple of years, the hopeful title is a much needed, and joyful, reminder.

Los Bitchos will tour the UK early next year with a London headline show at The Scala. Let The Festivities Begin! is available for pre-order here.

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