Diva Lotto Urge Protection of ‘INSECTS’ on Latest Garage Rock Single

Brooklyn act DIVA LOTTO share their garage rock cut from their upcoming album.

Brooklyn-based act DIVA LOTTO share their latest single “INSECTS” taken from their upcoming album. The garage rock single follows up their debut SNAKES CAN SWIM for a fuzzed-out aggressive attitude. Similar to what was heard on their last LP, “INSECTS” concentrates on frustration and rough edges for a thick-skinned anthem.

If unfamiliar, SNAKES CAN SWIM is the perfect introduction with what the ensemble is capable of delivering and their melodic bites. With that being said, the nature of “INSECTS” is an intentional push and posses a tactful display of not giving a fuck.

The track’s well executed hook caters to a devil-may-care middle ground of driving distortions and energetic fills. Coated with a similar thunderous clamor, to the likes of a swarm of bees, the track’s rhythm section is a key pulse in the high-fueled glow. Vocal inflections soar with everything you want to say (not a problem, mother fucker, shut the fuck up) to the crack of each tom-tom and cymbal. The wired, vocal rasp can be animated, tempting, and overall invigorating throughout the track— all in all, with an underlying moral compass to protect the insects.

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