LANNDS Reclaim Time ‘In The Garden’

Jacksonville-based duo, LANNDS, share their latest track since their 2020 EP, 'lotus.'

Jacksonville-based duo, LANNDS, share their latest track since their 2020 EP, lotus and urge listeners to stop waiting for the perfect time to go after their wants because in the end, time will not wait for you.

Comprised of Rania Woodard and Brian Squillace, the Memphis and North Carolina natives collectively craft sounds that instill guidance and carefree motions for daily walks of life. Their dream-pop caress is empathetic and lush — which is no surprise they are now signed to Boston Indie label, Run For Cover Records.

On their latest, “In The Garden,” there’s a restfulness that mindfully walks the track towards a psych-pop melt, lacquered in a sensuous production. Birds’ chirps are timed perfectly to the residue of bongos and surf-blues guitar riffs for an immersive, grounding soundscape. Partially credited to the magnetism of Woodard’s vocals and delivery, the artist’s gentle harness displays the potency in patience. Woodard’s harmonization, alongside the wails of her guitar, fall beautifully with each affirming line of the track.

“‘In The Garden’ is a take on how I spent a year inside to recenter my awareness and how that made me realize there won’t ever be a right time to do what you want and to just go for it,” says Woodard. “The song is a metaphor for the death and rebirth of our constant daily lives and how we’re just getting by through the ebbs and flows of life.”

With an accompanying video which equally displays the duos simplicity, DIY aesthetic, and receptive willingness, LANNDS’ dreamy number excites for future releases.

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