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Juliana Riccardi Makes Space to ‘Hold for Your Woman’

Juliana Riccardi shares her latest track ahead of her sophomore EP, 'Full Cup.'

Shifting in different states of mind, all reflective and united in their roots, Juliana Riccardi’s upcoming sophomore EP Full Cup, due October 8, is set to be a band of color from the sounds of its singles. Following the soulful toast of the self-titled, “Full Cup,” the latest sees Riccardi in control of wants, no room for negotiating for how a woman should be accepted.

Aptly titled, “Hold for Your Woman” breaks down something so simple as “holding,” knowing its power; holding on for possession; holding a hand gently; holding on for motivation. Though it doesn’t ask for any of this — it demands for the space to be a woman.

“‘Hold for Your Woman’ is about holding space and grounding for your woman or partner, in a deeper, enduring way. Embracing their dynamics, emotional depth and powerful energy without feeling threatened,” shares Riccardi. “The attributes that make women insanely desirable are continually used against us when convenient for others. We’re labeled as weak, unstable and entrapping. These ideas describe an antiquated fear of something wildly dynamic and enduring. A powerful mind that digs deep, a heart that beats loud and bleeds easily, a soul that wants to journey. That’s a woman to me. She’s someone to hold on for.”

Led by Riccardi’s passionate grit alongside Will Hensley on guitar and pedal steel, Jeremy McDonald (bass), Nick D’Agostino (drums), and Todd Caldwell (keys, organ), the Americana warmth on the track mirrors the intimacy and dichotomy of the track—a characteristic which is part of Riccardi’s songwriting allurement. These tones of the production play sweetly against Riccardi’s backing harmonies for a complete resonance. Even with a rather bright and high sprung break mid-way, the track’s securement are sounds of the open road for the Los Angeles-based artist.

Photo: Maiwenn Raoult

To celebrate the release of Full Cup, Riccardi and her 7-piece band will be performing at The Mint, Thursday, October 14. Tickets may be purchased here. For Covid-19 protocols for The Mint, please visit the venue’s site here.

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