Matilda Mann Begins to ‘Bloom’ on Promising Follow-Up Ahead of Forthcoming EP

Matilda Mann shares an upbeat indie-pop track for solo adventures on latest single and video.

Secure in the awareness to walk away, “Bloom” equally locks in West London’s Matilda Mann for a steadfast return. Impulsive, sincere, but promising in its words, the latest indie cut is a warm, upbeat reminder that it’s ok to take time for yourself.

Matilda Mann “Bloom”

The video looks back fondly on budding moments, but Mann’s constant movement and frank lines makes for fresh breaths taken on a solo journey. “Bloom” equally justifies its obvious, natural growth with a pastel soundscape; soft in its arrangement and delivery, but clearly defined.

The video’s greatest assest is its ability to show appreciation and fated joys without remorse — the state of just being — thanks to documentary photographer and director, Aria Shahrokhshahi. Scenes may contrast one another in line with Mann’s lyrics but always find a way to leave a viewer smiling, partly due to the artist’s restorative vocals.

Speaking on the track, Mann shares: “’Bloom’ is about meeting someone too soon. Sometimes you need a little more time, to figure out what you want and how to be alone, so that you don’t give too much of yourself away to someone else. Sometimes it can just be a phase, or you feel like you made a mistake. But I think, as time goes on, things like that become more clear it was the right decision.”

Following “My Point Of You” the artist continues to share cuts from often overlooked and stray thoughts, all building towards Mann’s upcoming EP, Sonder.

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