Mewn Collapses Into Bliss on ‘I’m Only Talking’

Mewn follows-up their introduction with a 7-minute art-rock ballad off their forthcoming EP.

Mewn’s latest single advances the band’s hazy introduction for a full psychedelic lead, flushed with the wonder of art-rock. The Manchester act — Daniel Bluer, Matthew Protz, Rachel Bell, Daniel Cowman, and Daniel Johnson — teeters emotions with a secured grace, complementing their progressive dream-pop echo heard on previous cuts.

Detailed in its 7-minute offering, “I’m Only Talking” is an empathetic finesse, lacquered in acoustic and electric guitars, a slow burning piano, and introspection. Its narration intimately glides with the rise and fall of the arrangement and Bluer’s trusting, hypnotic vocals. “Why can’t I feel your life through me?” rips a cinematic build into a calm stream of unconsciousness. The track bubbles with a longing remorse and yet is hopeful with its new-found freedom; an exhale that met an over due mediation.

“I’d say this song represents us best artistically from the upcoming record,” shares Bluer. “It’s hard to say why, but I think we’re proud of the way the structure all fits together, and the combination of sounds that colour it all in.  It is long but I think it does a lot with that time, it’s fully realised. Lyrically I just tried to mirror the emotion I felt from the sound, the way it felt to me. I think I have tried to express loss, defiance and a melancholy that has some joy mixed in with it, which personally feel like it always does.”

Repetitive lines climb chamber keys and clinches each minute with a fervent lust for life. It’s a refreshing soundscape that pulls from an array of influences, ultimately falling into bliss at the throes of post-punk calling for great things yet to be heard on the band’s forthcoming EP.

I’m Only Talking” is the second single from the band’s upcoming EP Landscapes Unchanged due July 2021 via South-London based label, Simonie Records.

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