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Aloud ‘Waiting (Scenes From a Lonely Planet)’: ‘Judy’ Fights Time with Ambitious Friends

Aloud have waited long enough. The LA-based band premieres the music video for "Waiting (Scenes From a Lonely Planet)."

Aloud’s fork-in-the-road, stream of consciousness that is “Waiting (Scenes From a Lonely Planet)” has made for a serendipitous return. The Los Angeles-based band originally abandoned the visual production 14 months ago due to the pandemic, but with a little help from some friends, the aptly titled tune gets its deserved companion, assuming a different meaning than its original arrival from the band’s 2020 LP, Sprezzatura.

Directed by Frank Hegyi, the charming visual caters to all things adored from the band: guitar solos draped against the hills of Los Angeles; a clear wall of sound; nostalgic influenced panning and double-exposed shots; dildos, and now puppets.

The contrast from the band’s wit and ambitious echo chamber, to “Waiting” and its storyline, feeds a universal sense of renewal, complete with quality references for the initiated. The lyrics’ alienated grief, personified as “Judy” and played by Jessica Guerra, are met with doting puppets whose ambitious optimism can be overwhelming. The lovely extensions of Jen de la Osa and Henry Beguiristain croon contemplation and fear alongside the duo with such warmth, a viewer wouldn’t mind passing time with the cloth replications.

“After COVID Interruptus, it was difficult to imagine the video for this single, or just about anything else, getting done ever again,” shares Beguiristain. “But the power of Frank Hegyi’s grand vision of forcing us to work with vaguely Christian puppets was too great. I don’t recommend ever working with puppets, by the way. They are incredibly unprofessional.”

As we take our first steps back into a world of normalcy, playful nudges from loved ones around ensure a smooth transition. This is a courteous inclusion from Hegyi’s direction which is uncluttered for Aloud’s charismatic lead.

“Waiting” may be a soundtrack to all rolling stones, but there’s a secured joy in sight which makes Aloud’s latest an undeniable follow-up and re-emergence — all things which Sprezzatura originally aimed to deliver.

Aloud (Photo: Ojo de Loba)

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