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Kyomu Kyomu Club ‘salonpas 貼ろうよ、心のサロンパス’

Tokyo-based duo Kyomu Kyomu Club share a lustrous and dreamy 5-track EP.

Tokyo, Japan duo Kyomu Kyomu Club share their lustrous and quite dreamy EP salonpas 貼ろうよ、心のサロンパス. The 5-track EP strikes a balance between the artist’s vocals, and in overall sound from organic instrumentation to electronics, to illustrate a soothing escape for its realistic storyline — only assuming conceptually based on feeling in sound and the project’s accompanying name.

Opening with a slow and slightly sedated alt-rock production, “door 扉” begins to weave a wounded fable. Emotive vocals transition the track’s climatic build to one of surrender, which is freeing by its own instrumentation. Being blessed by distortion and crunchier guitar tones, the switch-up adds a robust depth to the track. Backing vocals continue to cast a shadow and eventually falls back to its slow burning tempo at the touch of keys.

Living in the shadow of the first track, it’s successor thrives on mystery. “Wasshoi わっしょい” is a deeply sensuous soundscape that continues to bloom from its trance-esque delivery. Gritty guitar breaks stamp heavily alongside gentle chimes and equally heavenly vocals, almost reading as a conversation between light and heavy. In the same manner as it’s ending, “panda シャンシャン 香香” follows-up and breaks the weighty tension. The electro-indie composition is more playful than anything and adds another aspect to the duo.

And as I wish I understood the lyrics, this slight setback doesn’t disrupt a listener from enjoying the duo’s sound, tone, meticulous build, or interpretation from the EP’s overall feel. The artists serve a sweet and savory assortment of sounds and utilize neo-pop, new wave and of course, gloomy chords, which is its biggest allurement, and even alt-folk heard on the track “cute かわいいね.”

Though, the EP’s closer is a strong contender for a personal favorite and bookends its opener. “Dream 夢” mildly walks and is quite frankly the quintessential daydream. There’s a thoughtful tempo that comes at the helm of the artist’s vocals and formulates a visionary new start. Beach-pop guitar chords kiss the piano-led production and melt all troubles, reassuring better days are ahead.

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