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Solstice Rey Shares ‘Mountains’ Taken From Upcoming Split Release ‘Sunday, Someday’ Supporting Queer Trans Artists and Youth

Solstice Rey shares her pop-rock single "Mountains" taken off an upcoming compilation album, 'Sunday, Someday' supporting Queer Trans artists via Get Better Records.

Solstice Rey debuts her indie pop rock anthem “Mountains” fitting for its upcoming split release Sunday, Someday due March 26, 2021 via Get Better Records. The Philadelphia-based artist focuses on an internal struggle and the daunting task to find the strength; a symbolic trinket that we each need to climb.

“Mountains” is a relatable raw composition which calls heavily from the ’00 Alt scene picking at the emo auora. Melodic guitars take a back seat at moments for Solstice Rey’s gentle croon and persistent questioning. Her melodic rasp consumes the track’s vocal runs and keeps in line the track’s forward momentum. By the second verse, punchy drum fills and bright layers become hopeful to the track’s lyrical content, peacocking its instrumentation. Solstice Rey’s delivery isn’t aggressive, yet exudes a weighty emotive tone that strikes balance to the production.

The compilation LP will also feature tracks from the alt/punk band Nervus (UK), the pop/rock trio Potty Mouth (LA), the indie/folk/punk songwriter KOJI (PA), the multimedia artist Full on Mone’t (PA), and as well as crew members who would have been on the tour. The group decided to put together the record to fund top surgery and aftercare for a member of the group while raising awareness about the systemic oppression of QTPOC community members.

‘Sunday, Someday’

“This is not a record of and for the music industry,” says KOJI. “This record is a celebration of living in community and a project that asks what world is possible when everyone’s needs are met?”

“We’re in a space where we gather on a regular basis, even though we’re separated geographically,” says Koji of the group. “But our relationality isn’t institutional. It’s loving and reciprocal. And we’re able to inhabit ourselves more fully than we are in other music spaces that we’ve experienced.”

Pre-order the digital and Vinyl LP here and visit the interactive site for more information.

Sunday, Someday’ Tracklisting:

  1. Nervus (ft. Erik Garlington from Proper.) – Between The Lines
  2. Nervus – Love Thy Neighbour
  3. Potty Mouth – Let Go
  4. Potty Mouth – Saroce & Smokes
  5. Full On Mone’t – Masc 4 Masc
  6. Full On Mone’t – Swimming Lessons
  7. Solstice Rey – Mountains
  8. Solstice Rey – Phoenix
  9. KOJI – To Carry (On and On)
  10. KOJI – Burn it Down, Grow a Garden

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