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JUSTY Accepts Loss And Finds Self Love On Jazzhop Single ‘Rinse, Repeat, Regress’

JUSTY shares loss and love on jazzhop single.

There’s something about JUSTY that is hard to express. The artist is talented, no need to prove that as the discography speaks highly of JUSTY’s movement and voice. She’s honest — an organic trait immediately heard. Though, at the first listen of her latest release, there was an intangible emotion that was all too familiar and simultaneously, all too foreign for its lack of exploration.

The Brooklyn born, Staten Island raised artist tells a specific love story on “Rinse, Repeat, Regress” and breaks her own cycle. A story of hurt, yes, but unconditional love finally flourishing from and for herself. The track becomes an inner monologue of a person who is not just moving on, but growing. JUSTY addresses what could be used as “justification” to fall back into comfortable old patterns and moves through conscious lines with the listener like an old friend and accepts her loss.

“When I love myself again, maybe I could love again” stays wrapped around the infused production of jazzhop, indie, and R&B. JUSTY’s patient tempo mirrors each warm guitar pluck and leaves a listener in a daze. Even more alluring are the artist’s vocals. They sway from matter-of-factly, inspired by hip-hop rhythms, to a sensitive rasp that will burn a hole in your heart over time.

And with all the reasons of why JUSTY and the track are incredible in delivery and sound, the most important reason comes by JUSTY’s words. Coming to the point of losing one’s “love,” friends, and almost “faith” is a hard bridge to cross all at once. There’s a sense of loneliness that can almost suffocate a person and I couldn’t be happier that JUSTY came back to herself: “I was looking for the answer, but I never thought I’d ask myself for help.”

“This past summer I had an awful breakup, like my ex currently dating the friend I introduced her to bad, and I felt so defeated, unlovable, worthless, and pointless,” says the artist. “Against my own wants I decided to pursue therapy because I knew I wasn’t hanging on to life by much. I was existing but I wasn’t living. My therapist reminded me that people’s actions are always a reflection of themselves. I realized the same applied to my life. Everything I had done in life was rooted in me not truly loving myself. I almost lost myself for someone else but I wasn’t even willing to save myself for me. From that point on, I made a promise to fall for myself, to learn for myself, to heal myself, and to trust myself. I knew that if I could do that I could find love again because I wouldn’t be searching for a filler, I would simply be living.”

“It was important for me to touch on this sort of love story because too often we are told to love everyone else, and chase everyone else, but we really have to get ourselves straight before we go down that road.”

“Rinse, Repeat, Regress” is taken off the artist’s forthcoming album due out later this year.

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